A Red Hat Gathering Calls For Fun Party Games

by Guest on February 15, 2012

For an exciting Red Hat Party have a variety of Red Hat theme party games and activities for all guests. Red hat parties generally consist of older females so various sit down activities are generally appropriate.

Red Hat B.I.N.G.O. Red Hat B.I.N.G.O. can easily be played with Red Hat images such as hats, boas, shoes, dresses, and other accessories in the squares spaces on the cards. List each item that appears on the cards on small strips of paper or on ping-pong balls.

Red Hat Number Guess: This game is played by placing a large red hat with a variety of numbers under it. Be sure that the Red Hatters know not to look under the bowl beforehand (write do not touch in big and bold letters on the bowl with a piece of paper). Once everyone has settled in, give a sheet of paper, and pencil to all the Red Hatters. The host will have the guests at the Red Hat party write down the numbers they think are in the bowl. Give each table a clue as to what they think is underneath the bowl. For example, one table could have oven mitts in the bowl to the Queen Mother can say that the bowl contains something that is found in the kitchen. The winner is the guest at the party that guesses what has been placed under the hat. If no Red Hatters guess what is underneath the bowl then offer the prize to someone who truly wants or needs.

Who Bought What?: This game is played by having all of the guests bring a receipt to the party and put it in a hat. Have all the red hatters write their names on the back of receipt. After the guests have arrived they will put their receipts in a hat with their name on their specific receipt. To start the game, the Queen Mother reads the grocery list to the rest of the Red Hatters and they must guess who may have purchased the items. This is a great way to get to know fellow members and see what people should be or should not be eating (kidding). The first player to shout out the name or raise their hand first and calls out the correct name earns a point of party favor.

Red Hat Party Games and Printables are perfect entertainment sources for those who want to have some good old fashion fun with friends.

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